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Mission OR Policy
 Occupational Health and Safety Policy

 Social Responsibility

APCB pursue the ”people-oriented” faith, focus on the working environment and safety, so that any production or related activities can be done smoothly in a safe condition. The establishment of human-oriented management system ensures production safety and employee health & safety. In the mean time, we also provide various employee benefits, take good care of each employee and contribute to our society and country in order to fulfill our social responsibility.
 Labor Safety

In order to take care of employees coming from other provinces or from overseas, whenever necessary we provide not only dormitory but also supporting facilities. This is to make the employees to concentrate in the work rather than being bothered with other living issues.
 Environmental Safety

All wastes generated in production are classified and kept in ‘waste recovery stock”. We also actively perform waste reduction action to prevent from having excess waste contaminating environment.
 Industrial Safety

In order to reduce the potential of safety hazard, we call safety meeting with representatives from all units monthly to review the subjects related to the safety and suggestions from meeting of safety committee, to reduce possibility of accidents.
 Community Feedback

Other than setting up systems and implementing systems of the safety at work, labor safety and environmental safety, APCB also actively participate charity and local public welfare activities with the belief of “taking from the society, giving back to the society”. By returning favor back to the society, we fulfill our social responsibility – as what a good enterprise must do.
 Save Energy

Combined with the actual, invested a total of more than 1,000 yuan for energy conservation. One is to raise awareness of energy conservation. Resources enhance the sense of urgency, to establish a healthy lifestyle and the scientific concept of consumption, consciously starting with me, from scratch, saving every kilowatt of electricity, every drop of water, every liter of oil, every piece of paper. Second, the use of energy-saving products. The widespread use of energy-saving lamps, energy-saving switch, taps, fuel-efficient cars; less high energy-consuming appliances use more energy saving products to be certified. Third, focus on the conservation of electricity. To develop a good habit of turning off lights, easy energy saving. To make full use of natural light, non-work time to turn off the office lights, computers, photocopiers, air conditioners and other electrical equipment, the summer air-conditioning temperature control more than 26 degrees Celsius. Fourth, pay attention to water conservation. Technological transformation of bathing equipment upgrade, using the IC card water conservation, improve the reuse of water. Fifth, to reduce fuel consumption. Select more public transport, reduce the frequency of use of official cars, private cars; well day-to-day maintenance of the vehicle, reducing fuel consumption and reduce emissions. Save office supplies. Make full use of the e-government functions, reduce paper documents; advocate sided paper and envelopes, copy paper reuse. To strengthen the management of office resources consumption, improve material utilization, and to promote the recycling of waste and renewable resources. 7 is to reduce plastic bag usage. Promoting employees loop using plastic bags to reduce the frequency of replacement of plastic bags, thereby reducing the utilization rate; recommended that employees use the bag to carry items, or use paper bag instead of plastic bags.
 Conflict Minerals

Conflict Minerals means tantalum (Ta), tin (Tin), tungsten(W), gold (Au), four minerals. from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and surrounding adjoining countries.
(Republic of Congo (DRC), Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, Tanzania and Kenya ( Conflict Area )).
We declare and guarantee that APCB INC doesn’t use conflict minerals, which originated from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and its surrounding countries.
As a member of the electronic industry supply chain, APCB INC will performs its corporate social responsibility and environmental management.
APCB Group and subsidiaries also required our suppliers to guarantee they don’t use conflict minerals and prohibit the purchase of conflict metals from mines in the conflict areas.
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